Behind the Lens

Welcome!  I’m Tanya, a native New Englander living and working in our nation’s capital of Washington, DC. I specialize in performing arts and event photography.  My day job is practicing law as a discovery attorney.  I worked as a portrait photographer during my “gap years” between college and law school, concluding that law was the more practical career choice.  I found my niche for performing arts and event photography after taking up ballroom dancing as a hobby and photographing fellow dancers at competitions and other events. Dance and photography are the marriage between my two passions.

Some fun facts: My parents had two sets of girl-boy twins.; I’m part of the older set. I'm somewhat of a world traveler—I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Canada, and the Caribbean.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I’m a study in contrast—winter and summer are my favorite seasons.  I’m a winter baby (born in January) who loves the snow and the warmth of summer, when I can wear my sundresses and open-toe shoes!  I LOVE the color pink—truly a girly girl.  And I indulge on rose latte and macarons from Ladurée in Georgetown.

As a professional-amateur ballroom dancer (My partner is the professional!), I shoot with a dancer’s eye. My images are so much more than of well-coiffed dancers in beautiful costumes. They reflect their interpretation of the music through every movement, expression, and authentic emotion. They encapsulate the beauty, glamour and magic of dance.  Whatever the event, I capture aim to tell a story in which I want people to imagine themselves a part of and come away convinced that they were.